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Achievement Map P33©

P33© is a self-development tool - under the Self-Building System™ - used to record life-related achievements. It can lead to self-discovery through several diverse and unique activities.
The map is designed as a matrix on the principles of horizontal and vertical building of the self using balanced and gradual approaches.

The horizontal axis is constructed using the Balance Pentagon principle which consists of 5 pillars:
Soul, Mind, Body, Relations and Profession.

The vertical axis is constructed using the concepts of gradual building, variety, and repetition. It includes 7 levels that control achievement intensity in a gradual manner.

The P33© Achievement Map consists of 35 blocks which translate into the maximum number of achievements the map can hold. Completing 33 achievements is considered the completion of the P33 map.

One key advantage to using P33© is its ability to be re-mastered several times. It does not overlap nor does it contradict with the other Achievement Maps in the Self-Building System™.
P33© Achievement Map Benefits & Uses:

• It can be used for discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the self.
• It can be used to balance the lifestyle.
• It can be used by those who are ambitious to achieve further lifestyle goals.
• It can be used as a record for past achievements.
• It can be used to develop and ensure self satisfaction.

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