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Training Solutions Spotlight.. Training Bank Game

Innovation in the training industry is one of the key factors that distinguish Canada Global Centre.
Our innovation is not limited to training systems and methodologies such as IMAS™ and ROUND™; it also extends to reach the training work field through thoughtful training tools and training packages; and that’s where the action is.
The Training Bank game is considered one of CGC®’s early innovations.
It’s the perfect example of the smart training tool that can be used in any training course for any professional field. It’s truly the most fun game for the most complicated knowledge.

Training Bank Features & Uses..
• It can be used in any field to transform dry knowledge - such as definitions and theories - into a fun and robust game.
• It can be used to create a healthy and competitive atmosphere among groups.
• It can be used to break boredom and long training sessions.
• It can be used to categorize knowledge.
• It can be used to deliver information gradually: easy to hard, known to unknown, simple to complicated.

Thus, the innovative mind at Canada Global Center is one of the pillars that define it as a professional reference in the training sector.

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Shots from the annual IMAS™ 2016 forum featuring experts from around the world at the all-new instructional design curriculum.


Shots from the Memorandum of Understanding signing between Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and Canada Global Center (CGC).

IMAS™ & ROUND™ Licensing Workshop-September 2016

Shots from IMAS™ & ROUND™ Licensing Workshop in corporation with training experts.

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