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Authenticating Your Training Certificates

Canada Global Centre (CGC®) offers you the possibility to authenticate your CGC-issued training certificates by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (Foreign Affairs Ministry) based on your request.

Why Authenticate Your Certificates?

1. Recognition & Acceptance by governments around the world.
Having your certificates authenticated, by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Canada, will grant it acceptance power and recognition from training centres around you.
2. Credibility.
Having your certificates authenticated by the Government of Canada is a proof that such a certificate was indeed issued in Canada and signed by our Canadian training centre.
This will help minimize fraudulent activities such as fake training centres issuing certificates using our name or other training centres claiming to be Canadian when in fact they are not. In both cases, such centres will not be able to authenticate training certificates and documents.
3. Prestige & Competitive Advantage.
Having an authenticated training certificate displayed in your work place is a great way to distinguish yourself from other trainees and trainers.
4. The Power of the Authenticated Cooperative Centre.
Through this service, you may request that the Cooperation Agreement and Certificate to be authenticated providing you with a real competitive edge in this volatile market. This is especially valuable for owners of dedicated training centres.

A Word on Accreditation
Based on Canadian laws and procedures, Canada Global Centre® is the source of accreditation for its own certificates and agreements.
CGC may issue certificates based on its own ISID™ Guidelines and CGC Protocol and thus, act as the accreditor of these certificates. For this reason, the authentication process will not make your training certificates academically accredited since Canada Global Centre® is not an academic institution.

How Much Does This Service Cost?
In order to provide the best value for our clients, we established a pricing scheme based on quantity. To get a quote on the pricing of our administrative and shipping fees, please contact us using the information listed below.

How Long Does the Process Take?
The authentication process is usually completed in few weeks. It can, however, take 3 to 4 months to complete.

I’m Interested. How Do I Start?
It’s very easy to get started. Please make sure the to-be-authenticated document is issued directly by Canada Global Centre®. Then, contact us directly with your request. CGC will issue 2 certificates for you; one copy will be mailed to you as soon as possible – in case you have not received the certificate previously – and the other copy will be used for the authentication procedure.
Thus, you do not have to wait 3 to 4 months to receive the first copy of your certificate.

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