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Applied Training of Trainers (ToT)

Professional Certified Trainer – Practitioner By ROUND Methodology

With over 20 years of experience in the training field, we know exactly what trainers need to start their training careers. We present to you the application-focused Applied ToT program.
It’s designed to help trainers monitor their own performance, control their own pace, and drive the training session. Advanced techniques – such as analyzing participants – will be the focus of an advanced program later on.

This Applied ToT program is truly unlike common ToT programs available in the market today. It’s constructed with a clear focus:
applications and applications. It’s aimed at those trainers who are serious about mastering their own skills during the training session.

CGC®’s Applied ToT features the ROUND methodology. Simply, you can conduct your training sessions using 5 systematic stages:

R = Start your training session effectively
O = Present your training materials using smart templates
U = Engage participants in training applications and exercises
N = Provide feedback and assessment
D = Summarize the session effectively

This methodology will offer you a great experience like no other! Not only will you overcome your fear of standing before an audience, you will actually enjoy being a systematic trainer.
The ROUND methodology features:

1. Training skills and applications drawn from a global training experience
2. Real applications and performance every trainer needs in the field
3. The optionality of the theoretical readings, before of after the course
4. Practicing 13+ trainer-centric skills
5. Annual Professional Certified Trainer (PCT™) membership from Canada Global Centre®*

Whether you are an experienced or fresh trainer, we welcome you to to join us in this amazing journey.

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* Annual membership is subject to renewal procedures ...

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IMAS™ 2016 Forum

Shots from the annual IMAS™ 2016 forum featuring experts from around the world at the all-new instructional design curriculum.


Shots from the Memorandum of Understanding signing between Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and Canada Global Center (CGC).

IMAS™ & ROUND™ Licensing Workshop-September 2016

Shots from IMAS™ & ROUND™ Licensing Workshop in corporation with training experts.

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