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Authenticating Your Training Certificates

Canada Global Centre (CGC) offers you the possibility to authenticate your CGC-issued training certificates by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (Foreign Affairs Ministry) based on your request.

Why Authenticate Your Certificates?

1. Recognition & Acceptance by governments around the world.
Having your certificates authenticated, by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Canada, will grant it acceptance power and recognition from training centres around you.

2. Credibility.
Having your certificates authenticated by the Government of Canada is a proof that such a certificate was indeed issued in Canada and signed by our Canadian training centre. This will help minimize fraudulent activities... Read More ..

project 2

Instructional Matrix Analysis System (IMAS)

This comprehensive and integrated matrix of instructional design is designed to streamline the instructional design process to facilitate preparation, analysis, and enhancement of training materials.

The IMAS front sheet consists of 5 major sections:
1. Drivers section
It consists of the methods, tools, and techniques used in the training session, as well as the duration required for each activity. It also includes the social context of each activity.
2. Handling Objectives section
It consists of the topics covered in the training session. This section allows for objectives distribution and analyzes the depth of practice required. Read More ..

project 3

Achievement Map P33©

P33 is a self-development tool - under the Self-Building System - used to record life-related achievements. It can lead to self-discovery through several diverse and unique activities. The map is designed as a matrix on the principles of horizontal and vertical building of the self using balanced and gradual approaches. The horizontal axis is constructed using the Balance Pentagon principle which consists of 5 pillars:Soul, Mind, Body, Relations, and Profession.

The vertical axis is constructed using the concepts of gradual building, variety, and repetition. It includes 7 levels that control achievement intensity in a gradual manner.
The P33 Achievement Map consists of 35 blocks which translate into the maximum number of achievements the map can hold. Completing 33 achievements is considered the completion of the P33 map.Read More...

project 4


Applied Training of Trainers (ToT)
Professional Certified Trainer – Practitioner
By ROUND™ Methodology

With over 20 years of experience in the training field, we know exactly what trainers need to start their training careers. We present to you the application-focused Applied ToT program. It’s designed to help trainers monitor their own performance, control their own pace, and drive the training session. Advanced techniques – such as analyzing participants – will be the focus of an advanced program later on.

This Applied ToT program is truly unlike common ToT programs available in the market today. It’s constructed with a clear focus: applications and applications. It’s aimed at those trainers who are serious about mastering... Read More ...

project 5

Training Solutions Spotlight ...
Training Bank Game

Innovation in the training industry is one of the key factors that distinguish Canada Global Centre. Our innovation is not limited to training systems and methodologies such as IMAS™ and ROUND™; it also extends to reach the training work field through thoughtful training tools and training packages; and that’s where the action is.

The Training Bank game is considered one of CGC’s early innovations. It’s the perfect example of the smart training tool that can be used in any training course for any professional field. It’s truly the most fun game for the most complicated knowledge. Read More...

project 6

The Effective Promotion Mix Training Package

The first training game in the field of marketing promotion and advertising designed by and for marketing teams and managers to craft marketing budgets and select the right promotion tools for their products, services, and organization as a whole.

Unlike the specialized marketing concepts and strategies that require marketing-specific audience and experts, the focus on the promotion mix in this training package serves all individuals and audiences interested in using marketing promotions effectively.
Your organization can be: big or small, individual-based or group-based, profit-oriented or charity-oriented; you need effective promotion techniques to reach your targeted customers and make an impact in your industry while saving time, effort, and money.Read More

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    Instructional Matrix
    Analysis System (IMAS)

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    Map P33©

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  • project 5

    Training Solutions Spotlight...
    Training Bank Game

  • project 6

    The Effective Promotion Mix
    Training Package

Recent Proficiency Members

Tahani Mohammed Omar Bukhari
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
PCT Level :
Dr. Nada Jamil Al-Badri
Dubai, UAE
PCT Level :
ISID Level:
Instructional Design
SBS Level :
Sundus M. R. Ubaid Al-Zamo
Erbil, Iraq
PCT Level :
ISID Level:
Mohammad Saer Al-Shabaan
Homs, Syria
PCT Level :
Nour Amin Hussein Mneizel
Medina, Saudi Arabia
PCT Level :
Jasser Mousaed Jasser Alnajdi
Surra, Kuwait
PCT Level :
ISID Level:
Instructional Design
SBS Level :
Abdelkarim Azmi Alkayalli
Amman, Jordan
ISID Level :
Instructional Design
Shadi Isam Bushnaq
Amman, Jordan
ISID Level :
SBS Level :
Atyah Ahmed I. Sowadi
Doha, Qatar
PCT Level :
ISID Level:
Instructional Design
SBS Level :
Wafaa Jawaad Alshatti
PCT Level :
ISID Level:
Instructional Design
SBS Level :

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