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How to Join?

Qualifications for joining the PCT™ Program
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This program is designed to combine knowledge and practice while taking into consideration the trainer’s experience, certificates, and achievements. The PCT™ administrative team studies applications to define the appropriate level of each member, taking the following into consideration:
• The trainer must have trained in the same subject area s/he wishes to be certified for;
• The trainer holds a university degree (BA, MA, or PhD);
• The trainer holds a certified training certificate;
• The trainer holds a professional certificate in his/her specialization;
• The trainer has completed ToT (Training of Trainers) in one of our affiliate centres and was recommended by our consultants to be accepted as a member in PCT™; or
• The trainer has successfully completed the PCT™ Trainers Test. The above standards are aimed to raise the efficiency of trainers to meet PCT™’s proficiency level.

The above standards are aimed to raise the efficiency of trainers to meet PCT™’s proficiency level.

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Membership Procedures

  • Calculating the points in the table ( Basic Measures to Evaluate ) and meeting a minimum of 100 points.
  • Completing the Application Form of the PCTTM program.
  • Enclosingthe trainer’s CV or Resume, providing details for the educational level, the practical experience, and the training            experience, in addition to any other skills, research, or achievements obtained by the trainer.
  • all documents shall be sent to the e-mail address of the program: PCT@CglobalC.com
  • Please note that this phase is free-of-charge.The centre has the right to reject or deny any application forms that are based on     false or fraudulent documents and/or false information. The centre reserves the right to keep any paid fees up to that point.

  • Gaining Points,
    Completing Form
    & Contacting CGC

  • The application is evaluated free-of-charge by the administration team of CGC® through reviewing the received documents and confirming whether the trainer has acquired at least 100 points in the points system.
  • An official response is due within one week from the day CGC® receives the application – the application may be accepted, placed on hold if more points are needed, or referred for testing.
  • The date and place for the Training Qualification Test are set, if applicable; and the testing fee due payable to CGC®.
  • For applicants who passed the Training Qualification Test, the official test score will be sent to the applicant along with an invitation to finalize the application process.
  • The test may be repeated free-of-charge within one month from the testing date for those applicants who did not pass the test.
  • Evaluation CGC & Provide Testing
    (if applicable)

  • Once the applicant fulfills all the necessary requirements, CGC will issue the applicant an approval confirmation; the applicant must sign the Cooperation Protocol and send it directly to CGC®.

  • The membership fees plus courier fees – are due and payable to CGC® upon signing the contract (an electronic confirmation copy of the payment is required and must be emailed to CGC®).


    Signing the Contract
    Paying the Fees

  • Official PCTTM Certificate is sent within one week of completing phase three.
  • Copy of the Cooperation Protocol – signed by CGC® – is enclosed.
  • Official receipt of payment is enclosed.
  • Official PCTTM pin is sent and can be used by the trainer during the training sessions.
  • Personal custom-made membership card with your membership number is enclosed in the welcoming package.
  • Certification

    Vancouver, Canada
    +1 (778) 898-5133

    Professional Certified Trainer
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