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The Effective Promotion Mix™ Training Package

The first training game in the field of marketing promotion and advertising designed by and for marketing teams and managers to craft marketing budgets and select the right promotion tools for their products, services, and organization as a whole.

Unlike the specialized marketing concepts and strategies that require marketing-specific audience and experts, the focus on the promotion mix in this training package serves all individuals and audiences interested in using marketing promotions effectively.

Your organization can be: big or small, individual-based or group-based, profit-oriented or charity-oriented; you need effective promotion techniques to reach your targeted customers and make an impact in your industry while saving time, effort, and money.

Thus,this Effective Promotion Mix™ training package was designed to provide you with quick and easy marketing solutions to draw your promotion strategies in a professional and fun way.
It allows you to mix and match the different promotion techniques to reach your perfect mix.

Marketing managers will find this training package particularly useful in reaching quick and easy decisions.
Marketing trainers and training centres can use it to strengthen their marketing courses.

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IMAS™ 2016 Forum

Shots from the annual IMAS™ 2016 forum featuring experts from around the world at the all-new instructional design curriculum.


Shots from the Memorandum of Understanding signing between Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and Canada Global Center (CGC).

IMAS™ & ROUND™ Licensing Workshop-September 2016

Shots from IMAS™ & ROUND™ Licensing Workshop in corporation with training experts.

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