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Instructional Matrix Analysis System (IMAS™)

This comprehensive and integrated matrix of instructional design is designed to streamline the instructional design process to facilitate preparation, analysis, and enhancement of training materials.

The IMAS™ front sheet consists of 5 major sections:

1. Drivers section
It consists of the methods, tools, and techniques used in the training session, as well as the duration required for each activity.
It also includes the social context of each activity.
2. Handling Objectives section
It consists of the topics covered in the training session. This section allows for objectives distribution and analyzes the depth of practice required.
3. Instructional Style & Level of Involvement section
It consists of the trainer’s role as well as the communication style the trainer can choose to use.
The bottom of the front sheet summarizes the level of involvement and the intensity of brain activity by participants to ensure adequate variation and balance during the training session.
4. Timeline section This section controls the pace of the training day by splitting the training day into 5 major sessions while each major session consists of 5 sub sessions.
5. Statistics section It includes the various statistics for all the components listed in the previous sections.
It plays the analytical role of the instructional design process and allows the instructional designer to adjust and fine-tune the training session.

The IMAS™ back sheet relies on the 8-stage methodology of instructional design.
It aims to collect and summarize the different variables of the training course in one comprehensive dashboard.
IMAS™ serves instructional designers in preparing training courses and packages by streamlining the design process and breaking it down into easy-to-follow steps.
IMAS™ also serves trainers in delivering training courses by acting as a step-by-step guide throughout the training session.

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IMAS™ 2016 Forum

Shots from the annual IMAS™ 2016 forum featuring experts from around the world at the all-new instructional design curriculum.


Shots from the Memorandum of Understanding signing between Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and Canada Global Center (CGC).

IMAS™ & ROUND™ Licensing Workshop-September 2016

Shots from IMAS™ & ROUND™ Licensing Workshop in corporation with training experts.

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