Instructional Design & the IMAS System

A new opportunity to build training courses and packages
Instructional Design & the IMAS System is your next step to transforming your knowledge and skills into a consistent, practical application.

A new qualitative leap for every applied instructional designer, teacher, and trainer with a mission.

More than a Reference


This book opens opportunities for your future training and instructional design projects.


A unique and rare field required globally to serve most organizations.


A reference needed by the training, education, and development fields.


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A message from the ISID® Team

Motivated instructional designers and trainers often overlook documenting or copyrighting their training masterpieces. This often lead to intellectual property theft.

We know instructional designers and trainers strive to achieve excellence and innovation in their respective fields. However, instructional designers and trainers lack reliable means to protect their work.

The pinnacle of 5 decades in the training and consultation fields is presented to you in this book to lay a solid foundation for systematic instructional design to protect your training courses and packages.

With “The Instructional Design & the IMAS System” book, your significant training contributions shall never go unnoticed, undocumented, or unappreciated.

– The ISID® Team

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