Practitioner Instructional Designer by IMAS™ is an innovative program by Canada Global Centre® that prepares professional instructional designers in the training field.
Practitioner Instructional Designer by IMAS™ offers a streamlined, step-by-step approach to instructional design. Through its 8 stages, the instructional designer builds the training course one block at a time while maintaining coherence throughout the stages to form a well-crafted training course. In addition, Practitioner Instructional Designer by IMAS™ prepares instructional designers to utilize proven methods to solve real-world performance issues.

The Future of Sustainable Development

With the increasing demand for transforming an organization’s business processes into regular standardized operations to guarantee professionalism, careers in instructional design have become more crucial to the growth of organizations than ever before.

Complacency in relying on professional instructional designers not only delays the business transformation and hinders the training department; it affects all departments of the organization since training is rooted in the functionality and coherency of the organization.

As for the technical specifications of the International Standards of Instructional Design (ISID®), Canada Global Centre has provided a decade of exceptional care to this profession and developed a qualification system that combines simplicity, proficiency, and constant progression through IMAS™.

IMAS™ is an application-based tool for building, analyzing, and developing systematic, methodological courses or training packages. Every training package designed by IMAS™ addresses a performance gap and integrates performance-based proficiency tests to ensure skill transfer and return on investment (ROI).

IMAS™ is an application-based tool for building, analyzing, and developing a curriculum or training package at once.

Unique Features of Practitioner Instructional Designer by IMAS™

Separates the stages into sequential steps the instructional designer follows in preparing any training package.
Unifies numerous major training theories & concepts in a single coherent dashboard to give the instructional designer total control in the design process.
Enables instructional designers to analyze the strengths & weaknesses of training packages.
Converts training concepts into practical & usable tools in the IMAS™ dashboard.
Qualifies instructional designers to utilize the 8 professional stages of IMAS™ to prepare quality courses & training packages.

The 8 Stages of the Practitioner Instructional Designer Program

1. Pre-Design

2. Training Needs Analysis

3. Objectives & Topics

4. Depth of Practice

5. Performance Check

6. Training Tools

7. Professional Writing

8. Validation & Evaluation

Essential Training Workshops Within the Course

Course Design Workshop
(Individual-based Proficiency Project)
IMAS Design Quality & Compatibility Analysis Workshop (Group-based Activity)
Mini Self-Metric Workshop
(About the characteristics of the instructional designer)

The Value of the ISID® Membership

ne of the significant advantages of this program is the ISID® Membership, as it gives the instructional designer endless opportunities throughout the year, such as:
Inquiring about instructional design issues related to this program and receiving professional solutions.
Professional review and feedback of a training course or package built by the instructional designer using IMAS™.
Free authorization for training courses and packages created using IMAS™. Optional Certificates of Participation to trainees attending the authorized course following PCT® guidelines.

The Program Advantage

New additions to this program raise the return on investment (ROI) in course preparation by:

Flexible contemporary design compatible with lean management.
Developing objectives for designing professional competencies.
Designing with the mentality of a supervising instructional designer and not just with the mindset of a professional trainer for the course to be a viable investment available for any trainer in the field without needing specific or exceptional skills.
Methodological consistency and standardization while providing creative space for trainers to express their unique training style, preserving the core of the training course and its objectives.

Members opinions

Professional Trainees’ Notes

Supervisor-facilitated graduation project
Well-thought-out training tasks compatible with the participants
Continuous development through accumulated points throughout the membership year.


Certificate of Participation

Practitioner Instructional Designer

Organizations Utilizing IMAS™

Practitioner Instructional Designer by IMAS™

The professional reference for qualifying specialists to prepare and develop courses and training packages in private and public organizations. Our international team at Canada Global Center makes this innovative program possible by providing the best instructional design experience in the training field.

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