Innovations & Solutions

Instructional Matrix Analysis System (IMAS)

IMAS is an instructional design tool designed to streamline the instructional design process by facilitating the preparation, analysis, and enhancement of training packages.

Achievement Map P33

P33 is a self-development tool used to achieve and record personal life-related achievements. It can lead to self-discovery through several diverse and unique activities.

ROUND Methodology

ROUND is a looped methodology designed to reach maximum training ROI by providing consistent delivery and providing the trainer with essential trainer-centric skills.

Training Bank Game

The Training Bank is a smart training tool applicable in any training course for any professional field to transform raw knowledge into a fun and robust game.

Breaking into Markets

BIM™ presents an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for competitive marketing planning featuring a 25-step-by-step process for project leaders to fully understand their potential and current markets.

Effective Promotion Mix

EPM™ is designed to plan effective promotion strategies for organizations designed to be integrated within any professional marketing training course or used as a stand-alone tool for consultancy purposes.