What Is International Standards of Instructional Design (ISID®)

International Standards of Instructional Design (ISID®) is an instructional design framework that provides training package preparation, evaluation, and enhancement services based on ISID® standards to improve the quality and performance of training and training packages.

The internationalization of ISID® is the result of:

The worldwide spread of ISID® standards and guidelines.

The synchronization of these guidelines with global training methodologies, philosophies, and techniques.

Organizations can rely on ISID® to ensure the quality and effectiveness of training packages, even pre-deployment, to guarantee a high return on investment.
ISID® Provides comprehensive Preparation and Evaluation services for your organization’s training needs:

Preparation of Training Packages

Evaluation of Training Packages

Certification of Training Packages


Training package evaluation is a crucial strategic step in the growth and standardization process of an organization's training and development efforts. Through proper evaluation, organizations can make informed decisions about the content and activities that are most beneficial for their training goals and ROI. Training package evaluation is primarily for ready-made training packages to enhance or significantly modify training elements, quality, effectiveness, and performance to reach targeted goals and objectives.

When evaluating training packages, it is important to consider multiple platforms and key elements:
• Ensure relevance and up-to-date content based on industry standards.
• Provide detailed analysis, material inclusion, and comprehensive feedback to assess training needs.
• Assess systematic deployment to save time and resources.
• Ensure the effectiveness of trainers and appropriate tool selection.


Preparing training packages is a complex process. It requires up-to-date research and topic relevancy, a detailed outline of the objectives and how to achieve them, tools and methodologies used to deliver the package content, and the complete integration of all the training package’s elements.

ISID® customizes training packages by focusing on strategically-critical training based on the organization’s needs to enhance or modify workforce performance and operations to ensure ROI.

Through our thorough preparation, we tailor the content of the training package to:

• Ensure that your training has access to the most relevant, up-to-date information available in the subject area.
• Provide detailed guides, materials, and comprehensive resources to meet your training needs.
• Preparing a systematic training package to save time and resources.
• Ensure that we cover all essential topics from an informed perspective.

Our Instructional Design Strategy

Instructional Matrix Analysis System (IMAS™)

We evaluate and prepare training packages with the Instructional Matrix Analysis System (IMAS™).

Instructional Design by IMAS™

is a comprehensive and innovative approach to instructional design that focuses on training packages as a whole.
IMAS™ helps you create high-quality, engaging learning experiences for your participants. With a focus on participant experience and performance, this method considers the content delivered and the context in which it is taught and creates meaningful interactions between trainers and trainees.

IMAS™ also considers factors like technology selection, task analysis, systemized performance checks, and more to promote effective training. IMAS™ is geared towards creating high-performing KSA (Knowledge - Skill - Attitude) transfer and engaging training sessions for trainers and participants alike.

To learn more about the IMAS™ methodology, please follow this link:

Certifications with ISID®
Every package prepared with ISID® is certified, ensuring all the necessary components and package quality are present for you to integrate into your workforce. Packages that pass the evaluation will receive a certification from ISID®, ensuring all the necessary components and package quality are present for you to integrate into your workforce.

ISID® Certification Guarantees:
• Efficiency improvement by using proper practices in the training field to save time, effort, and cost.
• Efficiency improvement by analyzing the training package’s time management, the effort of the trainers and trainees, and the cost of the tools used.
• Effectiveness improvement by choosing the most feasible activities in training.
• Feasible activities in training to test effectiveness.
• Participants’ performance enhancement by using various appropriate and modern training tools.
• Evaluates participant performance enhancement through the training package’s various appropriate and modern training tools.
• High return on investment (ROI) by measuring training efforts and expenses' professional and financial returns.

ISID® Evaluation Process

ISID® Evaluation Process
The ISID® Evaluation Strategy features three linked stages conducted by an ISID® Specialist.

These three essential and comprehensive stages are crucial factors in determining all the necessary and desirable inputs, and must pass them accordingly:

Stage A (Components Checklist):

– Evaluates and document 67 existing and missing components within the training package.
These components serve as the foundation for successful training.
– By ensuring each training element is thoughtfully prepared before implementation, organizations can have confidence in the effectiveness of their training investment.
– The checklist also helps identify any missing components and opportunities for improvement, leading to an optimized and impactful training package.

Stage B (Trainability Check):

– Thoroughly examine the training package, regardless of its current quality, to ensure it adheres to all 9 Essential Standards of Trainability.
– These standards assess the overall design outline of the training package, encompassing.
all necessary components that define a complete “training package.”
– Only those packages that successfully meet these standards are deemed trainable and ready for real-world implementation.

Stage C (Detailed Evaluation):

– This crucial stage focuses on 71 standards derived from the 8 stages of the Instructional Matrix Analysis System (IMAS™).
– During this stage, the ISID® team conducts a thorough and intricate evaluation to ensure the overall quality of the training package.
– The Detailed Evaluation examines the package’s potential short-term and long-term benefits.
– It offers valuable insights for improvement, as the instructional designer can modify highlighted items to enhance performance and rating.
– Having experienced professionals conduct this evaluation is essential to ensure that all objectives and requirements are efficiently met.

Once the evaluation is complete, the training package is registered, and an ISID® Certificate is issued to signify its quality and compliance.
The final step is registering the evaluated training package and issuing the ISID® certificate:

ISID® Preparation Strategy

ISID® Training Package Preparation is essential for successfully designing a training package.
We employ a systematic design process to ensure accuracy, alignment with current trends and initiatives, a strong message structure, and consistent branding across all package materials. Our team collaborates closely with clients throughout the development stages to demonstrate the value at each stage.

1. Outline Checklist:

The Outline Checklist is crucial for addressing all aspects of the training package. It should include planning and preparation, an outline of all topics to be covered, an agenda outlining all activities and their scheduled occurrence, clear objectives and desired outcomes, materials needed to facilitate each activity (including visual aids), and methods used to evaluate the training program’s effectiveness during and after application, etc. This stage also includes the training package contents outline and the breakdown of scientific material’s broad titles.

2. Trainability Integration:

Trainability Integration is critical in ensuring the materials are indeed trainable and will achieve the target objectives and outcomes of the training package.

An untrainable training package can lead to costly mistakes and even danger if employees attempt to perform tasks for which they need to be adequately trained for. By checking that a training package is trainable, professionals can be confident that all procedures will be carried out correctly, thoroughly, and efficiently.

Furthermore, certifications may need to be kept up-to-date with best practices and industry standards; verifying whether a training package remains trainable helps guarantee adherence to all relevant regulations and requirements. Finally, verifiable evidence of one’s skill level and improvement after training proves competence on the job and may support secure promotions or additional revenue for participants.

3. Detailed Preparation:

Detailed Preparation is the final stage of the ISID® Preparation Strategy. After completing the first two stages, we conduct a thorough execution of designing the training package. We start by setting objectives and expectations and establishing a plan with specific timelines.

The Trainer’s Manual is a step-by-step guide on how the trainer should perform training with an hour-by-hour outline for the complete training package.

The Trainees’ Notes contain information the trainee needs to know. It must have a course outline, subjects and tools covered, scientific materials, and appendices.

The Training Tools consist of the tools used during the training session. For example, this stage checks if the tools align with the training location and complement the training material. ISID® ensures that the right tools, their frequency, and intensity are in place through appropriate checks and balances.

By following these systematic steps, ISID® ensures the development of comprehensive and effective training packages that meet the needs of both clients and participants.

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