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The first Canadian accreditation program for trainers from Vancouver - Canada
The most extensive international affiliation headquarters for professional trainers.

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You Are Not Just Looking To Be Accredited; You Are Looking for a Trusted Body That Offers a Systematic Professional Upgrading Towards the Expert Trainer and Consultant Levels:

Professional Certified Trainer PCT®

Certified Licensing

The only licensing approved by Canada Global Centre®.

Official Registered Trademark

A globally recognized Right-of-Use and a registered trademark in Canada explicitly for PCT® members.

Exquisite and Professional

The most dedicated, distinguished community in the training world, aiming for professionalism.

A Trusted Body

A trusted body for significant organizations to accredit and supervise trainers internationally by training and consulting experts from Vancouver - Canada.

Certified Intellectual Property

Scientifically and professionally based on research, experience, and models registered with certified intellectual property.

A Global Membership for the Training Profession - With Many Privileges

You gain many bonuses and privileges as a current member. With the PCT® Membership, enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

1. Accrediting your training courses and protecting their copyrights in the PCT® database - free of charge.

2. Issuing participation certificates to your trainees for a nominal fee after your training course completes the PCT® Course Approval process.

3. Having e-certificates credits valued at $200 (redeemable in a single order).

4. Receiving technical and administrative support compatible with the nature of your work and training schedule.

5. Joining the ever-growing PCT® Members list on CGC®'s website.

6. Choosing your membership renewal package between complete (physical + digital) or digital only.

7. Receiving your “My Profession as a Vocational Trainer” e-book - free of charge.
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Items That Will be Sent to you with the Membership

Official PCT® Pin

PCT® Certificate

PCT® Membership Card

We Value your PCT® Membership! With Each Renewal, We Show Our Appreciation Through

Annual report of your training activities with every membership renewal (for active trainers)

Recognition with PCT® awards and trophies for reaching different milestones in your training career

An opportunity for a professional follow-up to explore and upgrade your training career path

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