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A New Path for Trainers

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What is the PCT® Program?

Reaching out to a global audience .. is an advantage to you and those around you.

Spreading and Strength…. A New Path for Trainers

The PCT® program was founded 17 years ago in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada as the first program to provide trainers with a global professional umbrella that cherishes training in its methodologies and techniques in a simplified and practical method.

Being a trainer with this professional body grants you:

๏ Access to decades of professional experience in this community
๏ Answers and solutions in the training profession
๏ New opportunities in the training industry

Additionally, one of the many unique qualities of the PCT® program is providing you with up-to-date research, products, and services that create distinction in the trainer’s performance.

This is what makes organizations and training departments in various industries pursue the PCT® title as an advantage for their trainers as well as being a reliable training partner to develop, certify, and upgrade their trainers’ Career Paths.


Advantages for Joining the PCT® Program

Join an international training community .. and cherish the experience.

Becoming a member of the Professional Certified Trainer (PCT®) program guarantees you numerous advantages from CGC® such as:

1. Accrediting your training courses and protecting their copyrights in the PCT® database – free of charge.
2. Issuing participation certificates to your trainees for a nominal fee after your training course completes the PCT® Course Approval process.
3. Having e-certificates credits valued at $200 (redeemable in a single order).
4. Receiving technical and administrative support compatible with the nature of your work and training schedule.
5. Joining the ever-growing PCT® Members list on CGC®‘s website.
6. Choosing your membership renewal package between complete (physical + digital) or digital only.
7. Receiving your “My Profession as a Vocational Trainer” e-book – free of charge.
8. Receiving your membership card with your PCT® registration number.
9. Acquiring a professional title: “Professional Certified Trainer” with an authentic certificate from CGC®.
10. Receiving your official PCT® pin.
11. Receiving your annual report of your training activities with every membership renewal (for active trainers).
12. Receiving recognition with PCT® awards and trophies for reaching different milestones in your training career.
13. Exploring an opportunity for a professional follow-up to upgrade your training career path to acquire titles such as: Advanced, Expert, and/or Consultant Trainer.


How to Join?

Only the distinguished .. shape the PCT® team.

This program is designed to combine knowledge and application, therefore it welcomes academic and professional individuals equally.
The member’s experience in their professional field or academic degree is the essential key to the gateway of the training profession.

The following are some considerations that CGC®’s Administration Team takes upon deciding on the appropriate PCT® Membership level for the individual:

1. The trainer’s professional experience in the subject they wish to train.
2. The trainer’s academic degrees (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, etc…).
3. The trainer’s occupational, professional, and training licenses.
4. The trainer has completed a ToT course in one of our certified centres or other global centres.
5. The trainer has passed the PCT® Qualification Exam.
These measures are set to maintain the quality and efficiency of the PCT® program.

Step by step .. towards professionalism .. through one of the two services below.


Primary Evaluation Measures of Determining PCT® Members’ Levels

Calculate your points .. and evaluate yourself.

We have adopted the point evaluation method to evaluate the potential members of the PCT® program. Trainers may evaluate their training-related achievements to calculate the important aspects of training qualifications. This process presents an opportunity for trainers to enhance and improve their experience in the training industry in the short and long term.

You may perform the evaluation by calculating the points yourself. Feel free to contact CGC® or any of our authorized centres for a free consultation on how to raise your score beyond the 25 points mark.
Once you achieve 25 points or more, you will be eligible to join the PCT® program without the need to undergo the PCT® Qualification Exam.
Please note that this evaluation method along with other measures of evaluation all play a role in determining the appropriate membership level of potential members.

No.AreaMeasurementPointsEvaluate Yourself
Undergraduate Degree
Masters Degree
PhD Degree or higher


Non-Training Vocational Experience
2 years or less
3-7 years
7+ years


Training Experience
2 years or less
3-7 years
7+ years


Training History
Trained less than 5 courses OR less than 100 trainees
Trained 6 – 10 courses OR 100 – 200 trainees
Trained 11 – 20 courses OR 200 – 400 trainees
Trained 20+ courses OR 400+ trainees


Vocational Relevance

Educational relevance to the trainer’s courses

Professional relevance to the trainer’s courses



TOT Diploma
Completed a comprehensive Training of Trainers diploma from CGC® or any other global centre




Instructional Design (Designing Training Packages)

Trained one of CGC® certified training packages or courses

Designed a training course



Research and other contributions in the training field


Total Score


Upgrade to Higher Levels as a PCT® Trainer

We start with professionalism .. and we keep climbing higher.

Based on our ongoing training efforts since 1995, our team established the three primary trainer classification levels. As our team and experience grew in 2010, PCT® founded the current classification system we use today, which improves and develops the trainers’ PCT® Career Path that promotes a society of professional trainers.

Thus, we rely on an accurate methodology that reflects on our members’ performance and achievements on-field. This system does not translate higher levels into superiority nor proficiency over other levels, but is an observation of the trainers’ achievements before and during their membership.

When classifying trainers, the PCT® Administration Team takes the following factors into consideration:

1. Preliminary measurements for evaluating the membership application.
2. The final score of the PCT® Qualification Exam (if applicable).
3. Training achievements before joining the PCT® program.
4. Training achievements during the PCT® membership.
5. The trainer’s contributions to the development of the training industry.
6. Organizations’ and participants’ feedbacks concerning the trainer’s performance (customer satisfaction).

PCT® Training Consultant

PCT® Training Expert

PCT® Training Advanced

PCT® Training Practitioner

PCT® Training Associate

Note: after 6 months has lapsed while being in the same level, any member has the right to apply to advance to the next level. The application will be reviewed and evaluated in accordance with PCT® protocols and procedures.


Medals and Awards

Stand out .. and join Canada Global Centre®.

An official pin with the PCT® logo; given to PCT® members once accepted in the program.
For individuals
Achievement Certificate
This certificate is awarded to members celebrating the 100, 500 , 1000 trainees milestones.
For individuals
GoExcellence Certificate
CGC® grants this certificate to honour the efforts of those who are working
hard to elevate the quality and efficiency of the training profession.
For individuals and organizations
Training Mastery
CGC® presents this shield in honour of the outstanding efforts in raising the
efficiency of the training industry, and is awarded to trainers who have attained the PCT® Consultant level.
For individuals and organizations
Merit Award
Exceptional award granted to training managers, specialists, and consultants
for their significant contributions in the training field.
For individuals and organizations

Can I Issue CGC® Certificates to Participants of My Courses?

Grant your participants .. a professional & certified recognition.

The PCT® Administration Team issues certificates while taking the following into consideration:

1. Certificates are available as stamped hard-copies or electronically-registered soft-copies.
2. Every certificate is authenticated in CGC®’s database with a unique serial number that can be reissued upon the trainer’s or the participant’s request.
3. Certificates are issued directly from CGC® with authentic stamps and anticounterfeit measures.
4. As a PCT® member, you will have access to preferred rates and fees on issuing certificates.
5. Course titles on certificates are subject to approval to avoid any copyright conflicts.

Professional Courses Certificates

View samples

Courses Participation Certificates

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A professional team .. speaks professional training.

Q1: Why the PCT® Membership?
Being a trainer with this community grants you:
๏ Access to decades for professional experience.
๏ Answers and solutions in the training profession.
๏ New opportunities in the training industry.

Q2: Can I Issue CGC® Certificates to Participants of My Courses?
Yes, as a PCT® member, you may request certificates for participants in your CGC®-approved training courses.

Q3: Can I get CGC’s certificates authenticated by Canada Foreign Ministry and my Embassy?
Any official document issued by CGC® can now be authenticated at the receiver’s request…
Through this service, you can get your training certificates authenticated through Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (Foreign Affairs Ministry).

Q4: What Is PCT® Qualification Exam?
The PCT® Qualification Exam consists of two sections to test trainers:
1. Knowledge-based: measures the trainers’ cognitive knowledge in training methodologies and techniques.
2. Application-based: measures the trainers capability of providing solutions that yields positive results and returns to the training and the organization.
To take the test and see what it offers your organization, please contact the PCT® team

Q5: Do Participants & Organizations Inquire About Trainers’ Accreditations?
Yes, organizations and individuals commonly contact us to inquire about three types of accreditations:
1. Trainer accreditation at CGC® and their training schedule (if available).
2. Course validation and approval number at CGC®.
3. Certificate authentication and credibility from CGC® issued by trainers to participants.

Q6: How Do I Contact the PCT® Team?