Practitioner Trainer by ROUND is an applied Training of Trainers (ToT) program designed for professional trainers taking the next step in mastering their training skills across their career path to deliver confident and practical training solutions.

We focus on practical applications throughout the program, revolving around the ROUND model and the Essential Trainer Skills to enhance the participant’s experience and performance.

Skill Delivery Requires Strategic Approaches

Overcome Training Delivery Roadblocks
The Challenge:
Skill and knowledge transfer has become more difficult in modern training because of the challenges trainers face, such as:
1. Unsystematic training resulting in varying degree of experience and outcomes.
2. Lack of hands-on applications for adequate skill transfer.
3. Unoptimized training delivery structure resulting in wasted resources.
These challenges have become more apparent with no standardized trainer skills and many delivery methodologies that may not work depending on the training situation.
To become a professional trainer, you must adhere to a concrete, systematic structure for the training session without being sidetracked while also maintaining the audience’s attention & focus to achieve training objectives.

The Solution:

ROUND is an application-focused training delivery methodology for planning and delivering training sessions as well as standardizing and analyzing performance of trainers.

ROUND focuses on:
1. Systemizing training delivery for a unified and consistent training experience and outcomes.
2. Hands-on applications and performance feedback to ensure proper skill delivery.
3. Optimizing the training delivery to achieve training objectives efficiently and effectively.

To qualify Practitioner Trainers by ROUND, Canada Global Centre® has provided 
decades of exceptional care to this profession and developed a qualification system that combines simplicity,
proficiency, and constant progression through the training journey.

Unique Features of Practitioner Trainer by ROUND

Performance, Extraordinary

Applied, practical ToT methodology

13+ Essential Trainer Skills

Annual PCT® Membership upon passing the proficiency exam

Enables a measurable training delivery

Training performance & delivery assessments to track participants' progress

The ROUND Stages

The Methodology, Reviewed

Introduce the topic: preparing, warming up, grabbing attention, initiating, revising, linking

Present the content: explaining the content, providing information and details, outlining procedural steps, emphasizing important points

Apply the content: experimenting, performing, practicing, applying, trying hands-on

Provide feedback: evaluation, explaining exceptions, analyzing, solving application problems, providing feedback to participants

Summarize the content: reviewing and linking, exploring career prospects, providing further readings, extra learning, summarizing

Essential Training Workshops Within the Course

Comprehensive Workshops for a Comprehensive Trainer

Course Delivery Session
(Individual-based Proficiency Project)

ROUND Quality & Efficiency Analysis Workshop (Group-based Activity)

13 Essential Trainer Skills (Verbal, Body Language, and Personal Skills)

The Value of PCT® Membership

Progress Knows no End

One of the significant advantages of this program is the PCT® Membership, as it gives the trainer endless opportunities throughout the year. With the PCT® Membership, enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

1. Accrediting your training courses and protecting their copyrights in the PCT® database - free of charge.

2. Issuing participation certificates to your trainees for a nominal fee after your training course completes the PCT® Course Approval process.

3. Having e-certificates credits valued at $200 (redeemable in a single order).

4. Receiving technical and administrative support compatible with the nature of your work and training schedule.

5. Joining the ever-growing PCT® Members list on CGC®'s website.

6. Choosing your membership renewal package between complete (physical + digital) or digital only.

7. Receiving your “My Profession as a Vocational Trainer” e-book - free of charge.
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The Program Advantage

Outstanding Training Standards

Demonstrate professional trainer skills

Utilize the ROUND Methodology in training by delivering and presenting content effectively

Document your course delivery using paper or electronic forms

Document your notes and experience to help further develop your training skills

Effectively manage resources throughout the training session

Manage training efficiency by countering training performance showstoppers

Get certified to further improve your training career path

Additional Development Methods

Elegance, Consistency, Focus

Continuous development by accumulating points throughout the membership year

Specialized training tasks to suit a wide range of participants

Supervisor-facilitated proficiency project

Professional Trainees’ Notes designed as a job aid reference

Organizations Utilizing ROUND

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Professionalism, Certified

Certificate of Participation

PCT® Practitioner Trainer Certificate

Four Procedural Evaluations:

• Self-Evaluation: Initiate self-awareness to enable self-correction implementation.
• Preliminary Group Evaluation: Basic ROUND guidelines testing and highlighting critical areas of improvement.
• Applied Group Evaluation: Fellow trainees evaluate participant performance in each ROUND stage to ensure quality, consistency, and efficiency.
• Proficiency Evaluation: Conducted by PCT® certified panel. The panel evaluates the participant individually using PCT® standards and guidelines to ensure comprehensive quality control during ROUND™ delivery.

Additional Evaluation Methods:

• Theoretical readings before or after the course
• 13+ Essential Trainer Skills and know-how

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Professional Certified Trainer - PCT® Membership

Practitioner Trainer by ROUND Program

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