the most globally widespread,
effective, and comprehensive system


About SBS

The Idea

There is no doubt that the world is operated systematically and managed through fixed laws and rules. Thus, sciences such as physics, chemistry, engineering, nutrition, trade, and so on has emerged. Such sciences strived to make life easier through perfecting the rules and methodologies on which they operate. The Self-Building System, too, is a science specialized in the rules and methodologies of self-development. It strives to enrich the self and to invest in what the self owns or what it can own in the future. The Self-Building System is not a part of psychology per se although it may benefit from it. Likewise, the Self-Building System does not fall under management, but it benefits from management through its tools and theories in planning and motivating. Thus, the idea of the Self-Building System emerges. It’s an independent science – with its own unique theories, jargon, tools, and well-structured methodologies – that aims to build and develop the individual – within the individual’s limits – in order to achieve success and stability.

Vission & Mission

The Vision:

1. The Self-Building System: it’s the most globally widespread, effective, and comprehensive system to develop the personality and enrich the individual.
2. The Self-Building Clubs Teams: the ideal entity to provide andconsultationtraining for the rising youth through a comprehensive methodology and applications in self-enrichment.

The Mision:

Rooted in experience and knowledge, we work through a calculated system to comprehensively develop the individualand enrich the self, using innovative techniques that are focused on individualistic achievements and collective tender.

Goals & Objectives
1. To enrich the individual using the 5 basic pillars: soul, body, mind, relations, and profession.
2.To establish centers that aim at developing individuals and sharing achievements through widespread clubs found in every city.
3. To qualify Personal Trainers (Certified Coach) to serve individuals in developing themselves based on the Self-Building System.
4. To establish an environment that promotes achievements and clean competition.


We believe each individual is different and that’s what makes him/her unique. It’s a greater challenge to craft a customized solution to serve the individual’s unique needs.

In order to become successful distinguished, you need to have characteristics that are integrated, compatible, and harmonious. This is what defines the formula of balance to achieve a greater focus and specialization.

For the above point to succeed, we need a cooperative framework that includes: experts from various fields, councilors, parents, and yourself alongwith a team of peers to promote a joyful environment for achievements and tenders.

Going through the above values chain will foster achievements in the long run as well as stability in the short run.

Real achievements are based on continuous monitoring. Thus, we established the Self-Building System to follow the periodic clubs methodology.

Don’t be the Jack of all trades! Thus, we establish a team of experts for you to discuss with you the direction you want to take through cooperative efforts and discussions.

We believe that the individual will form a complete picture about him/herself at the age of 14+; before reaching this point, the individual is usually guided by people in his/her surrounding environment. However, self-development has no age or boundary limits.

Based on that, multiple versions of the Self-Building System were designed to target each group accordingly.We developed a version for:
– elementary and high school students.
– college and university students, and
– companies and organizations.
Welcome to the Self-Building team!

Why the Self-Building Team?
– Because we are a contemporary team, in terms of: our ideas, curriculums, theories, and applications; all-new or at least greatly improved.
– Because we believe in our members; every participant in the Self-Building System today is a contributor to the System tomorrow!
– Because we believe self-development should be integrated and balanced
– in the soul, body, and mind
– to reach stability and score achievements on the short and long runs.
– Because we believe in both:
theories and applications.
– Because we contribute in enriching the society, especially the young adults

SB Tools
– Concentrated self-development training courses.
– Continuous Self-Building Clubs and their related activities.
– One-to-one coaching to follow-up with development and achievements.
– Cooperative social networking and communication.

Who is targeted?
To every father… who looked forward for his children to excel, so he became their role model.
To every wife… who looked forward to renew her life; who swore to astonish everyone around her.. and the results were far and beyond to place her in a new position of achievements and tenders.
To everyone… who wanted to make something special out of his/her life; who found out that the limits to success are as far as his/her sight can reach…
To you all, we engineered the Self-Building System… so join us to be…


How to Join

How to Join as a Club Member?

You can join the Self-Building System and track your achievements and development path, through:
1. Heading to the nearest Self-Building Club in your area and getting in touch with the Certified Coach in order to complete your membership procedure.
2. In case there is no Self-Building Clubs in your city, you will be able to join the long-distance International Worldwide Club in Vancouver – Canada until a nearby club emerges.

Membership fees:

360$ USD per participant per achievement map or one year (whichever comes first), including:
– Follow ups from a Certified Coach to track your achievements and development path.
– Acquiring the curriculum for the achievement map.
– Attending the club’s weekly or monthly meetings, if applicable.
– The possibility to attend Self-Building Clubs meetings around the world in coordination with the Certified Coach of that club.

Achievement map fees:

50$ USD per achievement map such as the Power 33, once the member completes the map.
Please note that the membership fees do not include any extra activities provided by the club nor does it include any concentrated training courses.

To join a Self-Building Club:

1. Search within the list of registered clubs, based on the location, level, and conditions of the club.
2. Contact the desired club directly through the listed email of the Certified Coach found in the Club’s page.
3. In case there are no clubs in your city, please contact us and our team will inform you of new clubs as soon as possible.

If you are interested in establishing a Self-Building Club in your city and acquiring the Self-Building System franchise, please contact us directly at clubs and make sure to include the following:

1. Your resume (CV)
2. Recent coloured photograph
3. Desired city
4. Proposed club name or title; for example, “SBC – Vancouver” or “SBC – Leaders Dubai”, etc…

We will arrange with you to attend the next Certified Coach in Self-Building System training course where you will acquire the franchise for the system.


Self-Building Plan

The Self-Building System was designed to follow one of three paths:
1. Continuous self-enrichment through the Self-Building Clubs.
2. Concentrated self-development training courses.
3. Qualifying the Certified Coach in the Self-Building System (CC-SBS).
Each path contains the following:

1. Continuous self-enrichment through the Self-Building Clubs:
This path includes the follow ups in regards to the achievement maps in addition to the extra activities of each club. Each participant is required to complete the first achievement map of the Self-Building System “Power 33”. This first stage takes 3 to 6 months to complete based on the participant’s efforts.

2. Concentrated self-development training courses:
Each participant may attend concentrated self-development training courses offered by the Self-Building Club as extra activities.
These courses will provide the participant with direction and focused applications in the Self-Building System.

The first course in this path is: the Foundation Stone (Personal Planning) Course. This course includes the personal planning guide (step-by-step) in addition to the following components:

1. Dreaming and imagination
2. Evaluation and analysis
3. Planning
4. Self-endorsement
5. Methods techniques
6. Expected obstacles
7. Solutions
8. Results and achievements
9. Monitoring the achievement maps
10. Evaluation and authentication

3. Qualifying Certified Coaches in the Self-Building System (CC-SBS):
Each Certified Coach undergoes concentrated training to qualify him/her to manage his/her Self-Building Club as well as conduct the basic Self-Building training courses to the club’s members. The first training course to qualify the Certified Coaches is: Certified Coach in Self-Building System (CC-SBS) Training Diploma.