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Professional Certified Trainer (PCT®) Membership

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The first Canadian accreditation program for trainers from Vancouver - Canada
The most extensive international affiliation headquarters for professional trainers.

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You Are Not Just Looking To Be Accredited; You Are Looking for a Trusted Body That Offers a Systematic Professional Upgrading Towards the Expert Trainer and Consultant Levels:

Professional Certified Trainer PCT®

Certified Licensing

The only licensing approved by Canada Global Centre®.

Official Registered Trademark

A globally recognized Right-of-Use and a registered trademark in Canada explicitly for PCT® members.

Exquisite and Professional

The most dedicated, distinguished community in the training world, aiming for professionalism.

A Trusted Body

A trusted body for significant organizations to accredit and supervise trainers internationally by training and consulting experts from Vancouver - Canada.

Certified Intellectual Property

Scientifically and professionally based on research, experience, and models registered with certified intellectual property.

A Global Membership for the Training Profession - With Many Privileges

You gain many bonuses and privileges as a current member, some of which are:

1. Attend international synchronous events for Professional Certified Trainers with active certificates. Sign Up

2. “How to Advertise Yourself as a Trainer” Workshop with an accredited LMS Certificate.

3. “My Profession as a Vocational Trainer” book.

4. Approve your training courses and preserve your Copyright under PCT®.

5. Issue unlimited certifications for your course’s graduates with a nominal fee.

6. 10 Certification credits for graduates of your developmental courses.

7. Ongoing periodic support for your training business administrations under the PCT® program.

8. Publish your name and photo (your training ID) in Canada Global Centre®’s Certified Trainers List.

9. The possibility of obtaining discounted or free membership renewals, depending on your active contribution.

Items That Will be Sent to you with the Membership

Official PCT® Pin

PCT® Certificate

PCT® Membership Card

We Value your PCT® Membership! With Each Renewal, We Show Our Appreciation Through

Annual reports of your training per renewal

Appreciation pins along with your training achievements

Training session to determine your career path as an expert or consultant

* for an additional fee

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