What is CGC®?

Canada Global Consulting & Training Centre Ltd. (CGC®) is an industry expert and provider aiming to contribute to the marketing, consulting, and training and development fields by establishing in-house performance-enhancing models that ensure the continuous development of businesses based on our clients’ needs.

Established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, CGC® strives to create a global network of relations to standardize effective business processes and form an international community of professional marketers, trainers, instructional designers, and consultants.

CGC® owns several globally-active frameworks, methodologies, copyrights, and trademarks such as PCT®, ISID®, IMAS, ROUND, MP, BIM, Self-Building®, and P33.

Our Programs & Services

What is PCT®?

The Professional Certified Trainer (PCT®) certifies and enhances the trainers through professional trainer skills.

The Professional Certified Trainer (PCT®) program is an internationally recognized industry standard for training professionals. This program demonstrates the highest standards of experience and expertise in delivering successful training and development programs to various organizations. Being a certified PCT® member guarantees that one’s abilities are up to date with current trends in the training and development field.
Our training and certification services under the PCT® system include ROUND™, a looped methodology engineered to serve trainers and training departments by:
• Providing the necessary structure to create skill-based training and information delivery efficiently while maintaining quality standards.
• Dividing training into sessions to help trainers monitor their performance, control their own pace, and drive the training session.
• Engaging participants for a more comprehensive training session and ensuring KSA transfer.
• Focusing on skill application during training delivery by combining the Training Loop and Teaching Loop concepts.
• Documenting the training process for future improvements and standardization of the training performance.
Every training performed by ROUND handles a specific topic, skill, or concept. Each stage within ROUND is directly relevant to the course’s objectives or the training requirements.

The PCT® services include the following:
1. Qualify Trainers based on ROUND and ROUND Mini ToT methodologies.
2. Trainer classification and evaluation.
3. Trainer career path development.
4. Certify and accredit trainers.
5. Mastering training tools for trainers (Training Gears™).
6. Qualify teachers based on ROUND™ for Teachers methodology.

What is ISID®?

The International Standards of Instructional Design (ISID®) program controls the quality of training materials through established standards.

We believe that measuring and assessing the quality of training materials results in consistent objective-driven training and return on investment (ROI). Therefore, the ISID® guidelines check for available and missing components of the training materials, evaluate the quality of each component, and provide a clear quality rating that helps organizations adjust, implement, or change the training materials.
Our instructional design services under the ISID® system include Instructional Matrix Analysis System (IMAS), an evolutionary instructional design tool engineered to serve instructional designers and trainers by:
• Creating systematic, flawless, effective, and consistent training to solve observed instructional design and training delivery issues.
• Enabling course preparation, training analysis, and quality control throughout an 8-stage, step-by-step process that aims for minimal wasted efforts.
Every training package designed by IMAS addresses a performance gap and integrates performance-based proficiency tests to ensure skill transfer and return on investment.

The ISID® services include the following:
1. Training materials development (for direct & eLearning training).
2. Training materials quality control and evaluation.
3. Training needs analysis.
4. Training objectives setting and analysis.
5. Depth of practice setting and analysis.
6. Training performance check and analysis.
7. Training validation and evaluation (ROI Assessment).
8. Training tools compatibility evaluation.
9. Qualify Instructional Designers based on IMAS methodology.
10. Instructional Designers career path development.

What is MixPlan?

The MixPlan(MP) framework develops and enhances marketing strategies along with critical analyses and implementation of projects.

The MixPlan(MP) framework provides critical development and analyses to all businesses looking to improve their overall performance and systems. This framework demonstrates the importance of a methodical approach in running and managing businesses with real-world data provided by systematic techniques. MP utilizes the knowledge, experience, and contemporary methodologies and tools to provide quality services.
Our MixPlan programs include:
• Breaking into Markets (BIM) presents an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for competitive marketing planning, featuring 25 step-by-step processes for project leaders to fully understand their potential and current markets.
• Effective Promotion Mix (EPM) An intuitive and creative tool designed to plan effective promotion strategies for organizations. It’s designed to be integrated within any professional marketing training course or used as a stand-alone tool for consultancy purposes using facilitation techniques.

• We developed the Marketing for Professionals (MP) program and courses because marketing is no longer exclusive to specialists in the management and marketing fields. Individuals and organizations need professional marketing skills to maintain their positions in the competitive business world.
Our MixPlan services include:
1. Business Plan development and evaluation.
2. Marketing Plan development and evaluation.
3. Promotion Plan development and evaluation.
4. Lean Promotion Mix facilitation.
5. Mission & vision analysis and compatibility check.
6. Advanced SWOT analysis.
7. Industry analysis.
8. Competitive advantage analysis.
9. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) analysis.
10. Managing training departments.
11. Business & training projects implementation.