About Us

Canada Global Consulting and Training Centre Ltd. (CGC®) is established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to form a global network of relations aiming to contribute in the marketing and training fields. CGC® offers a set of training and consultancy programs designed to serve organizations and individuals.
(CGC® the owner of several actively used trademarks in the business world, such as: PCT™ ISID™ IMAS™ Self-Building™ MP™ ROUND™ P33™ BIM™…
CGC® follows a simple philosophy that training and marketing needs within organizations are no longer easily fulfilled though the appointment of marketing and training directors and teams; instead, time and efforts must be saved through establishing in-house performance-enhancing strategies and policies that ensure continuous development in the short and long runs.


• CGC® offers creative and professional solutions.
• CGC® blends knowledge with field experience.
• CGC® excels in integrating consultancy with training followed by application.
• CGC® owns multi-national and multi-industry expertise.
• CGC® is a reference and an expert in training, consultancy, and marketing techniques.
• CGC® ’s programs and representatives are present in 31 countries and 190 cities around the globe.

Our Values

• Authentic innovation:  more than just a word.. it’s the paramount of professionalism.
• Commitment to professionalism:  to facilitate reaching our clients’ goals.. towards achieving.
• Realizing achievements:  tangible outcomes that can be felt and seen by our clients.. towards client satisfaction.
• Client satisfaction:  to build credibility.. towards client relationship.
• Building strategic relationships:  to strengthen the win-win mindset.. towards success.


CGC® scored success and gained reputation in the training field through its commitment to offering effective training that adheres to the unique training standards.

CGC® is committed to contributing in the training field to create advanced training solutions that effectively serve organizations, institutions, training centres, trainers, and trainees.
The decades-long global experience gained by CGC®’s training experts in Canada, U.S., Britain, and the MENA region has provided elaborate training based on established training standards and not academic ones.
Thus, CGC® is defined as a training reference and not an academic institution, which is highlighted in its various training projects such as the Professional Certified Trainer (PCT) and the International Standards of Instructional Design (ISID) programs.

Services offered by CGC® Training Department:
• Offers distinguished and elaborate training courses that carry the copyright and trademark of CGC®.
• Provides organizational training needs analysis.
• Prepares and qualifies professional trainers.
• Presents studies and researches that serve the training industry.

• Licenses and certifies trainers and training centres to use CGC® training tools and standards.

The Training Department at CGC® is always honoured to fulfill your training needs and to work with you in providing training solutions and continuous development.
Today, and more than ever, every organization needs a strategy to strengthen its role, to set its direction, and to exert efforts in order to achieve a competitive advantage in this highly competitive world.

If your organization is looking for professional development in designing effective tools and strategies in today’s dynamic world, CGC® is delighted to offer comprehensive consultancy services in the following areas:

• Training departments & training curricula development .
• ‫Organizational and management development‬ .
• Strategic planning .
• Human resources .
• Marketing and sales .

CGC® consultancy services are specialized in : • Providing international expertise to fulfill your needs .
• Hands-on applications and implementations rather than theoretical studies and lengthy reports .
• Developing follow-up procedures to monitor and evaluate performance after the consultation process .
• Integrating solutions customized for the organization’s needs and ensuring implementation through workforce training .
• Designing forward-looking consultancy through industry and business trends and forecasts .
CGC® is committed to providing professional and knowledgable expertise to achieve concrete results .
CGC® Team

With pride and trust.. we present our Canada Global Centre team.
Proud of our team’s remarkable achievements and experience.
Trust in the collaboration process that ensures knowledge and skills transfer.

Innovations & Solutions


Professional Certified Trainer (PCT™)

This remarkable program offers trainers a global membership to start their professional training career.
It provides opportunities for sharing experience and skills allowing the trainer to become a specialist in the training field. The program integrates proficiency levels to support and maintain the trainer’s career path and field achievements.

International Standards of
Instructional Design (ISID™)

It’s the first program to offer instructional design standards for preparing and evaluating training materials aimed at improving the quality and performance of training.
Organizations today are in dire need for specialized instructional designers equipped with the best tools in the market - such as the Instructional Matrix Analysis System (IMAS™) - to make an actual positive impact on performance.

Self-Building System (SBS‪™‬)

The individual’s capabilities in the community and within organizations are considered the building block in the development process. Discovering, analyzing, balancing, and developing these capabilities are the basis of the Self-Building System.
The program is designed to address the various aspects of human development, all based on the pillars and formulas of the Self-Building System.

Breaking into Markets (BIM™)

Planning though business dashboards. Penetrating a market does not mean surviving in it! Today, markets are led by organizations who utilize competitive marketing tools and strategic planning skills.
BIM™ presents an intuitive easy-to-use solution for competitive marketing planning featuring 25 step-by-step process for project leaders to fully understand their potential and current markets.

Marketing for Professionals (MP)

Since art of marketing is no longer exclusive to specialists in management and marketing fields, and since both individuals and organizations need to acquire professional marketing skills to maintain their positions in the competitive business world, we developed the Marketing for Professionals program and courses.

Effective Promotion Mix (EPM™)

An intuitive and creative tool designed to plan effective promotion strategies for organizations.
It’s designed to be integrated within any professional marketing training course or to be used as a stand-alone tool for consultancy purposes using facilitation techniques.
EPM™ makes it easy for decision makers to reach promotional decisions and goals.