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CGC® offers a set of training and consultancy programs designed to serve organizations and individuals.

What CGC for you

CGC® offers creative and professional solutions.

CGC® excels in integrating consultancy with training followed by application.

CGC® blends knowledge with field experience.

CGC® is a reference and an expert in training, consultancy, and marketing techniques.

CGC® owns multi-national and multi-industry expertise.

CGC®’s programs and representatives are present in 31 countries and 190 cities around the globe.

Our Programs

Professional Certified Trainer (PCT®)

certifies and enhances the trainers through professional trainer skills. Read more

The International Standards of Instructional Design (ISID®)

program controls the quality of training materials through established standards. Read more

The Self-Building System®

is a science specialized in the rules and methodologies of self-development
Read more


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